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Brooklyn Robot Foundry Looks To Introduce Steam Education To Communities Nationwide Through New Franchise Opportunity

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Brooklyn Robot Foundry Looks to Ignite Inspiration in Young Minds Through Creativity and Technology

Brooklyn Robot Foundry - the vibrant and inclusive brand dedicated to prioritizing diversity and empowerment for children of all backgrounds and communities through STEAM Education– is excited to promote their franchise opportunities as they seek to find potential partners to join them on their national expansion journey. Committed to a mission of ensuring that every child, regardless of their background or circumstances, feels valued, inspired, and empowered to explore the exciting world of robotics and STEAM education, the brand is eager to find passionate franchisees to help them work towards their goal.

Founded in 2011 and franchising since 2022, Brooklyn Robot Foundry has been changing the way both parents and children view and understand STEAM learning. With one corporate-owned location in Brooklyn, NY, three open franchise locations in Connecticut and New York, and an additional multi-territory development in Pennsylvania, the brand is eager to continue their growth to introduce the power of STEAM to more children in communities throughout the country. The Foundry aims to have an additional 12 locations open by the end of 2024.

Brooklyn Robot Foundry lives by their core values of customer focus, people first, fun, empowerment, hands-on creativity, and thoughtful innovation. They showcased these in the launch of one of their first franchises, holding a competition to award one franchise for which they waived the franchise fee and the first year of additional fees, in an effort to prioritize diversity within the brand and offer students a chance to see people who looked like them working in the field. The competition resulted in the Manhattan East location, opened by Janine Harper.

"We connect our core values into everything we do. These principles guide us and ensure we keep our focus on delivering exceptional experiences for our communities while fostering a feeling of joy and empowerment to our student and franchise owners. We love encouraging creativity through hands-on exploration while constantly innovating to ensure we continue to be best in class. We are looking for owners who align with our values and are excited to bring the excitement and fun of engineering to their community," said Jenny Young, founder of Brooklyn Robot Foundry.

The goal of the Foundry is to share the fun of STEAM education with children everywhere and inspire them to continue a life full of exploration, problem-solving, and imagination. The brand offers fun, creative, and educational classes, parties, summer programs, and field trips. Over the past decade, the Robot Foundry has designed over 2,000 unique robot designs. For each and every project, children are encouraged to build however they like, resulting not only in a cool robot, but also in increased confidence. Unlike other programs, the brand strongly encourages creativity and independent thinking for all of their builders. They provide the guidelines for each day's robots, but the final design is up to the student.

"Our students are empowered to design and create their own projects, fostering a mindset where they feel confident in their abilities to tackle larger challenges," said Young. "This approach encourages children to move beyond passive consumption, nurturing critical thinking skills that enable them to become active problem-solvers."

Brooklyn Robot Foundry is actively seeking franchisees who want to make a positive change in the world to bring the concept to their local community. Interested prospects must be good at coaching and mentoring teachers, while also excited to engage with the local community. Brooklyn Robot Foundry operates as a mobile business with a low entry cost and ample expansion opportunities. The Foundry owners will flourish in areas with a high concentration of children and families with disposable incomes, but the program also extends its reach to lower-income communities through working directly with local school systems, thus ensuring inclusivity and accessibility across diverse socioeconomic backgrounds.

Brooklyn Robot Foundry is excited to welcome all builders and future franchisees into the Brooklyn Robot Foundry family. The brand is continuing to target single-unit operators looking to own a business in an energized and meaningful market. There is an initial investment of $91,000 - $118,000.

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