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Imagine owning a business that was so “crazy” profitable over just a few months, that you were afforded the rest of the year to travel, spend time with family or focus on other endeavors.

Founders Matt and Yvette Barker had this same thought, many years ago, and began working on a family-friendly, wholesome business that allowed them this freedom. Totally Nutz was born and after years of hard-work, sweat and tears, the Barker family created a successful and proven business model that is allowing families all across the country to truly enjoy a seemingly impossible work-life balance.

Totally Nutz Franchise


Totally Nutz is a crazy and fun way to fresh-roast and glaze your way to success. Our fresh roasting is glazed with cinnamon, sugar and vanilla and prepared right on location. Whether that location is at a local mall, stadium, music/performance event, arts festival, fair or farmers market. From the first time you smell the sweet aroma of the nuts fresh roasting in cinnamon, sugar, and vanilla you are hooked. We seal the deal with a sweet sample that you don't expect to taste so wonderful. With the smell of fresh roasting and glazing in the air and fresh, warm samples, our customers can't wait to dig into their freshly prepared bag of nuts.

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Totally Nutz owners utilize mobile carts and kiosks where we fresh roast, package and sell our nuts to customers.Whether you want to own one location or build an empire, Totally Nutz has the business model to suit. We offer 3 different models:

Ideal locations for Totally Nutz:

  • Professional sports stadiums
  • Fairs and festivals
  • Convention centers
  • Shopping malls
  • Airports and train stations


Unlike some franchise companies, we are proud of our unit economics and are more than happy to publish them. Our mall locations, for example, generate more revenue over the two-month holiday period than many mall businesses make in an entire year! Check out the numbers of one of our locations below:

Totally Nutz Franchise


You’ve worked too hard, for too little, and want to flip the script? Then you’re in the right place! To find out more, and see whether you qualify for a Totally Nutz franchise, submit the form to the right and a Totally Nutz representative will contact you to start the education process. Best of luck!

Totally Nutz Franchise

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