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The Soccer Pups developmental progressive youth soccer program is for any Pup (child, 3-6), where they can participate in the Academy skills training, compete in 4v4 leagues, or bring along their friends for a private party!




Our mission is to help encourage and cultivate the physical, mental, and emotional growth and development of kids through our soccer training programs. We promise to provide a fun, safe, exciting, and stimulating environment for all children.




We have a dedicated team of Operation Specialists who provide leadership and training for all our franchisees. Their sole focus is to ensure the success of the facility and lay the foundation for all aspects of implementation and growth of the program, including comprehensive staff training, proven marketing campaigns, and first-rate technology tools along with ongoing support.

They will assist you in building a successful youth soccer and child development program. In addition, we have the best national brand partners like Capelli, Sports Court, and EZ Facility ready to help oversee your success. We will be with you every step of the way!



Soccer Pups is the only youth progressive program that is played in it’s own unique facility. Each facilities design is constructed for the individual franchisee and their state location. This allows for all pack members and customers to never miss a session or game due to weather.



Although the love for soccer would make it that much more fulfilling, you don’t need experience as a coach or as a soccer player to be a successful franchisee. In fact, one of our founders, Tim, grew up never playing soccer! Since then, he has quickly learned to love the sport and the joy it brings the children.



We refer to our process as a “matching process” because both parties need to get to know one another over a period of time in order to decide if there’s a “match”. The Soccer Pups business model is a fun and exciting opportunity, but it’s not right for everyone, nor is everyone right for it. Our 7-step matching process is key for a successful, long-term partnership.



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