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Rapid Realty, NYC Largest Rental/Sales - Based Real Estate Brokerage.

Fully Built and Operational Office In the Heart Of Long Island City Queens. Great Location Boutique & Modern Office. 

You'll also receive comprehensive, hands-on training in every aspect of running a RAPID REALTY franchise, as well as 24/7 access to a huge library of online guides and training manuals for both you and your team of agents.

Rapid Realty NYC is New York City's largest rental/sales - based real estate brokerage and the first rental brokerage in New York to utilize a business franchise model. As of December 2013, Rapid Realty had 70 offices. Apartment rentals are a $200 billion dollar industry in the United States--and growing fast. 


RAPID REALTY is the first franchise system in America to put the power of the rental industry in the palm of your hand. We've been specializing in apartment rentals since 1998, and our proven expertise and award-winning support are your ticket to financial success.

But RAPIDREALTY is more than just apartments. Each RAPIDREALTY franchise is a full-service real estate brokerage offering commercial leasing and home sales, as well as rentals. Whatever the real estate needs in your area might be, RAPIDREALTY is ready to meet them with the kind of quick, efficient service that made us famous.

Our emphasis on apartment rentals makes RAPIDREALTY a business that can weather any storm. No matter what's happening, people always need a place to live. And when times are hard and people can't afford to buy a home, they rent. That's why apartment rentals are the one sector of the real estate business that actually improve during a tough economy.

In fact, RAPIDREALTY began franchising in 2009, right at the height of the recession. At a time when many companies were scaling back and struggling to stay afloat, we started growing. By 2012, we earned a spot on the Inc. 5000, the list of the fastest-growing companies in America. And that was just the beginning.

RAPIDREALTY has very modest start-up costs compared to other franchises. Typical start-up costs range from $90,000 to $150,000, including the initial franchise fee. We even offer discounts on our franchise fee for military veterans and diverse franchising candidates.

Our boutique-style offices require minimal space, usually just 250-650 square feet, which keeps your build-out costs low. We'll even help you negotiate your lease, using our years of real estate experience to get you the best deal in town.

But if our start-up costs are low, our cost of ownership is as low as it gets. No physical inventory to purchase, store, or maintain. No specialized equipment to buy. Small spaces mean low leases and low utility bills. Our green technology allows for paperless transactions and drastically reduces the need for office supplies. 

Agents work on 100% commission. No recurring franchise fee. Instead, we get a small royalty from any deal your office closes. In other words, we don't make money unless you make money.

Existing Locations Available ranging from $40k - $60k.

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