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Why we are Unique

As you work within OLO’s franchise system you will not be running the business out of your truck and swinging the hammer to build homes. Instead, you and a small team will learn The OLO Way™ of home building which allows you to scale a highly efficient and profitable new home construction business.  You are not the business, but part of a growing national brand that will allow you to transfer or sell your business when the time comes.

OLO Builder’s proprietary production home building system is based on proven manufacturing principles that are designed for you to be profitable as quickly as possible and for the long haul. One of OLO’s secrets for each franchise’s success is the methodology for managing both margin and cycle time – we call it the OLOeQ.

The heart of OLO Builder’s Franchise business is found in our mission: Enriching lives through building homes The OLO Way™. This, combined with OLO’s exclusive franchise system is the success formula for each   franchise owner.



About Us

Behind every OLO Builders franchise owner is a team of industry leaders propelling you to success. From world-class marketing to top drafters, to an executive team that has more than 150 collective years in the industry, the OLO National Team is 100% dedicated to your local production home building business.  We invest heavily in your start up ensuring that you learn The OLO Way with a commitment to both preserving margin and minimizing cycle time, so you and your small team create repeatable habits that ensure success.


OLO Builder’s Purpose

We Provide a Complete Franchising System: Defined processes and procedures that we call The OLO Way™ enable  a new home construction franchise to run efficiently and profitably. This proprietary manufacturing process ensures our brand standards, which exceed industry standards.

We Develop Territories: Franchise owners develop franchises by scaling them through 5 stages of business maturity. Each territory can achieve Top 3 Market Leader status, and each franchise owner can become an OLO Territory Developer.

We Develop Operators: Detailed leadership combined with technical expertise are vital for teams to deliver OLO’s Key Results and grow OLO’s brand. Following OLO’s manufacturing principles and process, operators focus teams on achieving Brand Performance Standard.



The Opportunity

Minimize the risk and cost of scaling a new home construction business through this bold new franchise system. An OLO Builders Franchise is a system with all the processes, tools, and resources needed to build production homes efficiently, profitably and generate delighted clients each step of the way.


The Power of Tapping into a System – Highlights

• Marketing and call center services are provided to drive qualified appointments for your franchise.
• A library of 28 (and growing) floor plans are available options for your prospects.
• Homebuyers can choose from over 1300 options per floor plan to personalize their home.
• Training, coaching, and ongoing support is provided to your franchise by a National team of experts in this field.


OLO Builders Franchisee Profile

Category 1:  Owner/Operators: 

Experience in managing complex operations, overseeing production processes, and maintaining efficiency—skills that are highly valuable in the home building industry. The candidate will be actively involved in running the day-to-day operations of the franchise and the following profile makes for ideal candidates. 

Target Franchisee:

• Home Building Executives and Upper Management.
• Custom Home Builders looking to expand into production home building.
• Manufacturing Executives and Upper Management with experience in production, operations, and supply chain management.

Experience and Background:

• Proven success in home building, manufacturing, or related industries.
• Strong track record in business management, operations, and development.

Operational and Strategic Skills:

• Expertise in managing business operations, supply chain, finance, and team leadership.

Franchise Fee and Investment:

• Ability to pay a franchise fee of $69,000.
• Minimum of $300,000 in liquid assets for startup costs.
• Access to at least $400,000 in credit.

Networking and Relationship Building:

• Established industry connections and a collaborative approach to business.
• Ability to foster strong partnerships and work effectively within the OLO franchise network.

Personal and Professional Traits:

• Entrepreneurial mindset and a drive for innovation.
• Adaptability, resourcefulness, and strong problem-solving skills.
• Leadership qualities and the ability to inspire and guide teams.


Category 2:  Franchisee Investors

Target Audience:

• Real Estate Brokers
• Insurance Brokers
• Other individuals with substantial investment capital interested in the home-building industry

Financial Qualifications:

• Significant investment capital, preferably with experience in real estate or related sectors

Role and Involvement:

• Passive involvement in day-to-day operations
• Focus on financial investment and strategic oversight

Investment Goals:

• Seeking long-term growth and profitability
• Interest in contributing to expanding the OLO Builders' brand

Networking and Industry Insight:

• Valuable industry connections and insights
• Potential to facilitate strategic partnerships or opportunities

Expectations from OLO Builders:

• Clear communication regarding business performance and growth strategies
• Opportunities for financial and strategic input


Discounts are available for veterans, first responders, and NAHB members.



Whether you are looking to purchase a franchise or just wanting to learn more, fill out the form and a Growth Strategist will reach out to you to discuss future possibilities with OLO Builders.

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Thousands of families across the United States are joining successful franchise systems to achieve their dreams of business ownership. At first glance, the process of starting a franchise can be extremely daunting; however with proper due-diligence and open conversations with Vice Presidents of Franchise Development you will discover which franchise systems are the right fit for you and your family.