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About IKOR


An IKOR franchise offers just the right balance of business opportunity with a chance to do something meaningful with your time spent working. We are looking for franchise owners that want to call the shots in their own business, but who also want to help others in their community who have difficulty helping themselves. If you have a passion for owning your own business, and for helping others, continue reading to discover how the IKOR franchise opportunity can help in your pursuit of independence, fulfillment, and significance.

What is IKOR®?

IKOR franchisees are advocates for elderly and disabled adults, and disabled children. In short, we help coordinate the fragmented pieces of life for those who either are unable to take care of themselves, or who prefer to have others manage the tactical portions of their life. IKOR is different from other businesses that serve the needs of seniors and the disabled because we do not provide direct care. Rather, we act as an advocate for our clients, creating and overseeing each client's medical, environmental, psycho-social and financial life plans and holding all of the vendors, doctors, and other individuals who are involved in providing care and services to our clients accountable. This separation of being an advocate for our clients allows us to remain objective in our recommendations to them at all times, and it allows us to focus on maximizing their quality of life.

With this approach, IKOR provides a wide range of services: advocacy, guardianship, care planning and coordination, financial management, and routine bill payment services. Our in-house team of highly experienced Registered Nurse Patient Advocates and Personal Needs Coordinators provides our customized services through an assessment process that assesses every aspect of a client’s life, and creates a customized life map and care plan that is based on the unique needs of that individual. The IKOR approach helps families manage both short-term health crises and long-term care issues for seniors and disabled adults and children.

Our Services:

Healthcare Advocacy and Life Management – examples include transportation to and from doctor’s appointments with a Registered Nurse Patient Advocate, care recommendations, and medication analysis to prevent drug interaction or duplication of treatment. This also includes management of various vendors in the home such as cleaning services, landscaping, realtors, antiques appraisers, and moving companies.

Financial Advocacy – examples include assistance with day-to-day finances and bill payment, insurance claims, Medicare and Medicaid education and planning, and family education on how to prevent predatory behavior.

Guardianship - IKOR assists Personal and Estate Guardians in the business of managing care for the person, and their estate. In some cases we may also be appointed as guardians by a court of law.

What has IKOR meant to its clients?
As we have provided services to hundreds of clients over the years, we have impacted their lives in a very positive way. We help empower them and show them that having certain conditions doesn't mean that life has to be extremely difficult, or in steady decline. We do this by constantly putting the clients' needs first, meeting their desires, wishes and dreams for the way their lives could be. We make sure that our clients’ voices are always heard and acted upon accordingly.

And what does IKOR mean for you?
Everything we've done from the day we started IKOR was with the idea of expanding and offering our important advocacy services across the country. Franchising always seemed to be a natural part of the overall plan. But now we need people like you to complete the picture. When you join IKOR as a franchise owner, you will provide greatly needed advocacy and oversight services to meet the needs of clients in your own area. But IKOR is much more than just owning a business - it's about making an impact and creating a legacy. It's about having a passion and putting that passion to good use, by becoming a "voice" for the elderly and disabled. We hope you'll share our vision and dedication to providing advocacy services to people who need them most.

Outstanding training and support as you start and build your business
The IKOR organization is dedicated to providing both the start-up support and the ongoing assistance you need to establish and operate an efficient and effective advocacy services business. You'll have the full backing of our organization, our years of experience, our professional affiliations with major national associations, and our wide array of support services, including proprietary technology tools and training.

  • Two weeks of training at our corporate offices in Pennsylvania.
  • Details on how to identify the key relationships needed in your marketplace.
  • Our proprietary Datikor™ system which brings all client data, invoicing information and employee/payroll information into one seamless system.
  • Ongoing support for the life of your business.

Franchisee Profile:
Our franchisees are truly unique. They possess a keen business sense, bright mind and a strong desire to serve those around them. Our franchisees must be well-spoken professionals who are good listeners and are able to handle sensitive and private information carefully.

In addition, a successful IKOR franchisee must:

  • Follow our established systems and processes
  • Be a team player, supportive of others in the system
  • Be dedicated to contributing ideas and building strong relationships within the system
  • Be willing to adapt to changes in procedures and systems over time as business conditions change
  • Possess strong management experience and excellent communication and interpersonal skills
  • Have a passion for serving the community
  • Be a strategic & tactical decision maker and problem solver

If this sounds like you, we would love to hear from you! We are looking for franchise owners who share our passion for helping others, and who are in pursuit of independence, fulfilment, and significance for themselves. Contact us today!

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