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Considering a Cannabis / CBD franchise?


  • Franny’s brand offers a high-profile, mission-driven brand with national press.
  • Franny’s controls its supply chain with vertical integration, eliminating risk while increasing product quality and customer loyalty.
  • Franny’s backs their products by certificates of analysis (COAs) provided by a DEA-certified testing facility.
  • Franny’s possesses expertise required to provide guidance around credit card authorization, point of sale, lending, insurance, etc.
  • Franny’s offers continuing education/training that includes: buyers’ guides, product descriptions, consumer data, video tutorials, technology insights, and more.
  • Franny’s provides marketing expertise to navigate how to digitally market your business and the regulatory requirements therein.
  • Franny’s provides a data backed, revenue growth strategy.
  • Franny’s supports you with easy fulfillment (simple products, pricing & ordering process).



Franny’s Farmacy offers the total package. Vertically integrated, franchisees are lifted and supported by every aspect of the business. Franny’s controls their entire CBD supply chain: farms, processing plants, manufacturing, and distribution (which is rare) – ensuring consistency, quality and availability – from plant to sale. There are many CBD suppliers out there, from small businesses to corporate giants. Small businesses can struggle to support demand and provide consistently high quality products. Corporate giants, aside from lacking soul, often source low quality, un­regulated, industrially manufactured CBD from impoverished countries, to keep profits high.

Franny’s Farmacy businesses are based on years of experience and knowledge and in turn providing value to their Cannabis and CBD products that is trusted and supported by their successful eCommerce and franchise dispensary model.



As demand grew from Franny’s Farmacy customers, it was crucial to scale the business while retaining the high quality standards that were set early in the company.

Franny cultivated a specific community of farmers with shared values who are dedicated to creating quality products.  It was important that the hemp was traceable from “seed to shelf,” creating CBD products that can be trusted for their purity and quality. She made sure COAs would confirm ingredients and phytocannabinoid levels.

Franny’s Farmacy grew to be committed to supporting the health and wellness of its CBD dispensary customers through its innovative organic farm; network of principled partner producers and institutions; and traceable seed-to-shelf hemp and CBD products.  




With CBD rising in popularity, many companies would get into the game. For consumers, choosing a trustworthy brand can be daunting when there are so many unregulated options available. For Franny’s Farmacy customers, though, the decision is a simple one. 

Franny’s Farmacy is a vertically integrated family of companies, and this is important for two reasons.  First, with no manufacturing middleman, we’re able to offer our customers a quality product at a reasonable price. Second, we prioritize the product itself, ensuring that every customer enjoys a safe, natural, regulated CBD experience.




Franny’s Farmacy’s CBD oil is extracted from organic hemp plants. We never use fillers or unnecessary ingredients.  We work with reputable manufacturers that operate in certified, inspected facilities. Best of all, we’re setting the standard in the industry by offering a full-spectrum distillate in all of our products. Simply put?  Rather than using “CBD isolate” (AKA, a single cannabinoid), Franny’s Farmacy products provide exposure to an array of cannabinoids, creating a more pleasurable experience known as the entourage effect, for our customers. 

And we don’t stop there…

Beyond creating an excellent product, Franny’s Farmacy wants to ensure its customers are educated about exactly how to use what they purchase. Our staff is full of energy and eager to answer any questions customers may have.  Having helpful personnel available has helped de-mystify the CBD experience for many first time consumers, particularly those that are older, who may have been turned off in the past by less professional CBD companies.

For Franny and her employees, connection is key: Touching people’s lives through education and understanding matters just as much as any other piece of the puzzle, and sets Franny’s Farmacy apart as a true gem of any community.

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