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About Duty Free Zone

The largest shopping mall on the planet

Duty Free & Simple

Duty Free Zone was founded in 1999 by a group of young entrepreneurs who had a vision of a new world where businesses can buy and sell products across international borders without political, geographical or economic restrictions. Today,Duty Free Zone is the world leading consumer electronics and home appliances e-commerce company.

Become a Duty Free Zone Affiliate!

Why should I join?

  • Established in 1998, Duty Free Zone Ltd has become the world’s largest electronic e-commerce web site.
  • Duty Free Zone Ltd has proven itself as an industry leader year after year.
  • Also, by becoming an affiliate, you will play a part in the exciting new e-commerce industry and could be instrumental in discovering the next niche market while earning extra income at the same time!

Who can join?

We welcome everyone! Whether you are an individual with a Facebook page, or a new or established business, you are welcome to join our program. We welcome affiliates from every corner of the globe.

There is no limit to the amount of commission you can earn!

We Supply All the Tools

We supply all the tools for you such as banners, text links, tracking software, visitor stats and analytics. All you have to do is refer new members to us, sit back, and earn commissions.

How do I promote the Duty Free Zone Affiliate Program?

The first thing to do is place our affiliate banners and/or links on your website and/or social media pages. Other ways to promote the program include: adding links to your outgoing emails and email auto responders, mailing lists, newsletters, brochures, and any place someone can click on or copy and paste your affiliate link into a web browser.

Do I need to carry inventory ?

  • Our business model is unique, because our affiliates do not have to purchase any inventory, your investment is only the cost of the Affiliation, that’s all, there is no financial investment beside this.
  • Duty Free Zone Ltd give you access to the entire company inventory at wholesale price, and then when you sell something at retail price, Duty Free Zone Ltd will ship the product to your consumer and pay you 10% commission.
  • No need to have a store or an office, this business model is home based, even better you can sell from your computer, your tablet or you cell phone or just by speaking to your neighbors

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