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The Best Place to Start Your Medical Billing Business

Why Medical & Dental Billing is the business for you...

Outsourced medical billing is an emerging business with enormous opportunity and rewards for those who dive in and learn the industry. ClaimTek provides you with every element needed to get started on the right track: Advanced Software, Personal Training, Effective Marketing and On-going Support.



Booming Industry

The number of doctors in the U.S. is large but the demand is even larger. According to the Federation of State Medical Boards’ publication, A Census of Actively Licensed Physicians in the U.S. 2018 Edition, there are currently 970,090 physicians in the U.S. Our census data demonstrates the total population of licensed physicians has increased by 10% since 2012, and the nation, on average, added 12,168 more licensed physicians annually than it lost.

The U.S. medical billing outsourcing market value is projected to go from $4.3 billion in 2020 to $10.0 billion by 2028 according to Grand View Research.


Flexible Structure

Work electronically anywhere, anytime. Work from home, an office, or while you travel. ClaimTek customizes your 1-on-1 training and business development based on your needs. Owner/operator or enterprise-style business models available.


No Experience Necessary

No previous experience in health care or special training/licenses are required to own your billing business. ClaimTek provides years of on-the-job training and professional branding for instant credibility.



Affordable Startup

ClaimTek offers three levels of professional entry into the Medical Billing & Practice Management business. Each level includes our advanced MedOffice software plus various degrees of training, marketing, support, and the ability to offer ancillary practice management services.


Available Programs:

Principal Program: $24,995

Preferred Program: $34,995

Director Program: $44,995



Enormous Income Potential

Medial & Dental billing is already a lucrative industry, and ClaimTek's low-overhead business model offers industry-leading profit margins. With ClaimTek you have access to 12+ revenue streams. Just a handful of clients can generate a six-figure income.


Sample Projections:

2 Clients (Doctors): $51,840 / Year

4 Clients (Doctors): $103,680 / Year

6 Clients (Doctors): $155,520 / Year

Imagine the possibilities with 50 or more clients!



Low Operational Cost

As a professional service with a lean business model, a ClaimTek medical billing business requires very little overheard even when scaled to a large, enterprise level.


Operate with…

No Premium Location To Hunt

No Big Spaces To Rent

No Franchise Fees

No Royalties

No Fancy Equipment

No Large Payroll or Staff

No Excessive Monthly Software Fees

No Previous Experience Necessary 



Ownership And Development

ClaimTek started as and remains a strong billing company to this day, and we are the developer and owner of our software applications. As a result, we have intimate knowledge of the needs of a billing company and the ability to customize additional software features as necessary in our licensees’ best interest.


We Empower You

Don’t get stuck as a one-solution software re-seller for some other company. Our marketing & client acquistion strategy allows you to work with any practice in various ways depending on their needs and current setup. We provide comprehensive medical billing and business training that is customized to every specialty and facility you bring on board. Our professional marketing tools and strategies get to the heart of what a provider is looking for in a billing company so they’ll be amazed at how easy it is to work with you. We’ll teach you all about software functionality, marketing intricacies, effective presentations, and daily operations.


We Make It Easy To Make Money

ClaimTek’s software cost of ownership is the lowest in the industry, which means more profits in your pocket. For example: If you use ClaimTek’s Cloud software and have 5 doctors to bill for, your cost can be as low as $99 per month compared with around $1,300 per month with competitive systems. We don’t charge per doctor, per month as most other software companies do.


State of the Art Software

Medical, Dental, and EHR! ClaimTek’s programs integrate modern medical and dental billing software along with robust EHR and ancilliary systems designed to increase efficiency and add more clients to your book of business.



Request Franchise Info

Thousands of families across the United States are joining successful franchise systems to achieve their dreams of business ownership. At first glance, the process of starting a franchise can be extremely daunting; however with proper due-diligence and open conversations with Vice Presidents of Franchise Development you will discover which franchise systems are the right fit for you and your family.