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CD One Price Cleaners, the leading laundry and drycleaning specialist in the greater Chicago area, is offering qualified prospects with a cutting edge opportunity to own their own dry cleaning and laundry "superstore" . We have opened 39 stores since our first store opened in the Chicago suburb of Lincolnwood, IL in 2001 and we are setting our sites on expansion in the Florida market.



Franchise opportunities are available

There are more than 39 CD One Price Cleaners stores operating today, and we intend to grow that number by offering more dry cleaning franchise opportunities. We offer qualified prospects a dry cleaning franchise opportunity that’s competitive with many traditional franchise opportunities, but what’s most attractive is our innovative, one-price business model and the support we provide our dry cleaning and laundry franchise owners.



An Industry moving forward

The dry cleaning and laundry business isn’t usually the first concept that comes to mind for a person looking for a franchise opportunity. That’s not a surprise, until you consider the facts: Dry cleaning is a $9 billion-per-year industry, populated mostly by small independent operators. Because dry cleaning and laundry is a repetitive, ongoing need for all consumers, this is a business with a consistent demand throughout the year.



The drycleaning and laundry services industry is a huge marketplace that has demonstrated a relatively stable, slow growth pattern over many years. The service we provide is not a fad –our drycleaning and laundry services are needed by a broad base of consumers. Even in a post-pandemic world, consumers are still wearing the same number of garments. Yes, some require less dry cleaning, but we have seen growth in our personal wash and fold laundry services. This industry is highly fragmented, with the majority of stores owned and operated as independent "mom and pop" outlets with no real branding. And this market place is consolidating as many of these independent stores are aging out, creating a great opportunity to consolidate the market with the strength of our brand awareness and the grouped buying power of 39 stores for the ongoing purchases of materials and supplies.

Our competitive prices allow us to capture market share from other competitors. Our low prices represent a significant savings for our customers—just like other "category killer" companies that have captured significant market share in the office products, consumer goods and online order fulfillment industries. During challenging or not so challenging economic times, consumers are always interested in saving money without sacrificing quality.

By combining one-price dry cleaning and next-day service at retail locations and through the convenience of residential pickup and delivery with state of the art equipment in a well-engineered plant, the innovative CD One Price Cleaners concept offers customers the service, quality, and value they demand. Our franchise owners will open one central plant and then a series of smaller non-production satellite stores along with residential pickup and delivery for those customers who prefer a more convenient option.

One important factor is the level of multi-store ownership in the CD One Price Cleaners system. Over 75% of our stores are owned by franchisee groups that own multiple CD One Price Cleaners stores—a very healthy sign.



Basic Elements:

1. Total investment: Approximately $1,100,000 to $1,300,000. For the central plant and two satellite stores and one vehicle. Please rely on details in the Item 7 chart in the May 3, 2023 Cleaners Depot Franchise, LLC Franchise Disclosure Document.

2. Liquid capital investment required: $250,000. Most lenders require 20-25% of the total investment as a down payment.

3. The ongoing royalty is a net 5.5% of the Gross Revenue (6.5% less an applicable 1% royalty rebate)

4. Marketing Fee: There is an ongoing marketing fee of 3% of the Gross Revenue (with the same contributions from all franchised and company owned stores.)

5. Do you need prior industry experience? No, you don't necessarily need experience in the dry cleaning or laundry industry. We look for franchisees that have great people skills and ideally, prior management or business ownership experience with a strong commitment to customer service. We are looking for owner-operators. We are proud of the fact that a number of our franchisees have current or prior franchise ownership experience with other franchise systems. It is rewarding to know that they value the training and ongoing support of the CD One Price Cleaners franchise program.

We believe there are great multi-unit opportunities for CD One Price Cleaners in the greater Miami, Tampa/St. Pete and Jacksonville markets. Exclusive development territories available. To obtain additional detailed information about a CD One Price Cleaners franchise and to learn about attending an online Franchise Discovery Night, please fill-out the form now. Thank you for your consideration.


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