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Busy Bee Arts Studio FranchiseEach Busy Bees® offers art as entertainment that the whole family can enjoy! Customers enter a bright, relaxing environment, choose from one of our art medias (pottery painting, mosaics, glass fusing, canvas painting, clay hand building, and more), and spend time to creating their own masterpiece. 

Busy Bees® focus is on long-term market presence through multiple product offerings, relevant innovations, centralized marketing, and an operating system that isn't difficult and expensive for independent operators to achieve on their own.

When you own a Busy Bees® you gain several important advantages over independent operators. 

As a franchise owner...

  • Busy Bee StudioYou are part of an established system of operations from the moment you open your studio. 
  • You receive a full week of comprehensive training and have access to experts with years of experience in the contemporary and arts fields so that you don’t have to rely on trial and error. 
  • You become part of a team of informed operators who share experience and expertise, have access to marketing ideas and materials, and become part of an organization that has strength in numbers. 
  • Busy Bees® unique concept offers the franchise owner a business that requires low start-up capital, is fun to operate, is difficult to compete against, and that makes a worthwhile contribution to the community. 

How we help:

Training Program Overview: Busy Bees® emphasizes the education and hands-on training of each of its franchise owners. New franchise owners complete a one-week comprehensive session on-site at our Mentor, OH location at least one month prior to opening day. During training, we will teach you the operations, design techniques, marketing programs, technical skills, management, problem solving and customer service. All owners and managers must attend.  Once you receive your Franchise Training, you will be well prepared and ready to begin the adventure of owning and running your own Busy Bees®.

Busy Bee Studio Busy Bee Studio Busy Bee Studio


  • Design Techniques: As part of your overall training, you will learn multiple ceramic painting techniques, glass fusing design and firing schedules, clay hand sculpting techniques, and mosaic design.  As new techniques are developed and mediums are introduced they are/will be added to the training program.
  • Technical: Glazing and firing of customer pieces is critical to the Busy Bees® business. One day of training is allotted to this aspect. You will learn the full operations process from customer purchase to customer pick up; how to glaze pieces, load and unload the kiln, and every detail in-between.
  • Marketing: We will show you how to create local "buzz" in your market. All aspects of marketing are covered during training, including in-studio promotions, merchandising, displays, monthly calendars, fundraising, public relations, and workshops. 
  • Customer Service: Customer service is the single most important element in the pottery and arts business. We will train you on how to handle all aspects of customer service, including difficult situations to navigate for successful outcomes. 
  • Studio Management & Operations: This section of training gives you the tools to establish employee policies, recruit, hire, train, motivate and evaluate your staff. We believe in letting technology drive and manage the business so you can delight your customers with their Busy Bees® experience and focus on driving more business.
  • Continuing Education: Our services are always evolving; innovation and creativity are the keys to our success and staying as the leader in the PYOP & Arts space. While your initial training is one-week long, the franchise communicates and works together with our owners on an on-going basis to maintain our cutting-edge approach to the arts as entertainment. 

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Thousands of families across the United States are joining successful franchise systems to achieve their dreams of business ownership. At first glance, the process of starting a franchise can be extremely daunting; however with proper due-diligence and open conversations with Vice Presidents of Franchise Development you will discover which franchise systems are the right fit for you and your family.