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AmeriCop is a unique staffing model that utilizes off duty police officers for private security.  As a home based franchise, AmeriCop franchisees can start their business with a low investment and have an opportunity to develop and manage a dedicated territory.  AmeriCop provides extensive training, ongoing coaching, comprehensive marketing and complete back office solution. AmeriCop franchisees enjoy the benefits of being part of a growing industry that helps keep your community safe.


Our Founder’s Story


From their start in a spare room of their home, Brett and Sherry Rowley have fulfilled the American dream.  After a couple of years of hard work, both were able to stop working their permanent jobs and were able to concentrate their efforts fulltime on their business.  Today, twelve years later, they provide service for a wide range of customers spanning coast to coast and employ hundreds of off duty police officers.

Brett and Sherry’s success nationally fueled the idea to grow locally and as result, AmeriCop franchising was born. They created a franchising model that allows the national account business to grow, with an added focus on market penetration at the local and regional levels throughout America. Brett and Sherry have developed a complete franchise opportunity to share for those who have similar drive and passion.



National Accounts Program


As an AmeriCop franchisee, you will be eligible to participate in our National Accounts’ Program. Currently, the parent company to AmeriCop, Off Duty Services (ODS) has a tremendous portfolio of national accounts throughout the United States. As the national accounts business continues to grow, there will be opportunities for the AmeriCop franchisee to provide services for them. The benefit of the National Account Program to the franchisee is that the corporate office will be investing sales efforts at a national level that may drive new business to them.


Training and Support


Each franchisee will receive 40 hours of training at our corporate facility that will educate and assist them to become successful. The training sessions are highly interactive and led by the company’s key executives. In addition, there will be continuous ongoing support at the franchisee location once the franchisee returns home.

The AmeriCop franchising opportunity will also provide our franchisees a comprehensive set of back office capabilities. Specifically, all payroll, invoicing and customer service functions are managed through the corporate office leaving the franchisee with a lot of freedom to develop their market.


AmeriCop Brand


AmeriCop speaks with a powerful and distinctive brand voice. As an AmeriCop franchisee you will benefit from a strong brand voice that is known throughout the security industry. From our national marketing campaigns, to our marketing material and proposals we speak with one voice, creating a strong national and local presence that instills confidence in our services.


Veterans Opportunities


AmeriCop is a proud member of IFA’s VetFran strategic initiative offering financial incentives, training to veterans interested in franchising. One out of every seven franchise businesses are owned and operated by veterans of the U.S. military. Veterans receive a 15% discount off the initial franchise fee.



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